Humanoids from the Deep 1996

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Humanoids from the Deep ★★ Roger Corman Presents: Humanoids from the Deep 1996 (R)

Remake of the 1980 Corman culter finds fishery manager Wade Parker (Carradine) and researcher Dr. Drake (Samms) dealing with a coastal town's battle against killers whose DNA has been genetically combined with that of fish. When the fish monsters escape the lab, their mutations are further altered by toxic waste and they go on a rampage. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Robert Carradine, Emma Samms, Mark Rolston, Clint Howard, Kaz Garas, Warren Burton, Bert Remsen; D: Jeff Yonis; W: Jeff Yonis; C: Christopher Baffa; M: Christopher Lennertz. CABLE