Humbert of Maroilles, St.

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Benedictine abbot; b. Mezières-sur-Oise, beginning of the seventh century; d. Maroilles, March 25, c. 680. According to tradition, he became a monk and priest at Laon, from which he retired upon the death of his parents to claim an inheritance. Having made two pilgrimages to Rome, he became first abbot of Maroilles and, according to a later working of the legend, bishop. The document by which he ceded (675) his villa at Mezièressur-Oise to Maroilles has survived [J. M. Pardessus, Diplomata 2:155f; Monumenta Germaniae Scriptores 7:412]. His cult was already widespread in the Frankish kingdom in the eighth century.

Feast: March 25.

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Humbert of Maroilles, St.

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