Second Council of Nicaea

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Second Council of Nicaea, 787, 7th ecumenical council, convened by Byzantine Empress Irene. Called to refute iconoclasm, the council declared that images ought to be venerated (but not worshiped) and ordered them restored in churches. Practically the only Western delegates were the papal legates, but popes have confirmed the conciliar canons. It is the last council accepted by both the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Eastern Church as ecumenical.

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Nicaea, Councils of Two important ecumenical councils of the Christian Church held in Nicaea (modern Iznik, Turkey). The first was convoked in ad 325 to resolve the problems caused by the emergence of Arianism. It promulgated a creed, affirming belief in the divinity of Christ. The second, held in 787, was summoned by the patriarch Tarasius to deal with the problem of the worship of icons.