Second Best 2005

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Second Best ★★ 2005

In this 'guy flick' Elliot (Pantoliano) is the protagonist, emotionally dwelling a few levels below the incessant whinings of Woody Allen. Fired from a Manhattan publishing house for not producing best sellers, he now spends his days hosting a Web site for downcasts like himself and writing stories he never has the guts to submit to a publisher. When a longtime friend, now a hot shot movie producer (Gaines), returns home and treats his buddies to some greener pastures, Elliot is forced to seriously reassess his life. Directing is a bit laid back and the buddies' kvetch sessions become somewhat wearing, but it does make poignant observations amidst the wry humor. 86m/C DVD . US Joe Pantoliano, Boyd Gaines, Jennifer Tilly, Peter Gerety, Bronson Pinchot, Polly Draper, Barbara Barrie, James Ryan, Paulina Porizkova, Matthew Arkin, Fiona Gallagher; D: Eric Weber; W: Eric Weber; C: Christopher Norr; M: Tom O'Brien, Nathan Wilson, John Leccese, Joe Weber.