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au·to·graph / ˈôtəˌgraf/ • n. 1. a signature, esp. that of a celebrity written as a memento for an admirer. 2. a manuscript or musical score in the author's or musician's own handwriting. ∎  a person's handwriting. • v. [tr.] (of a celebrity) write one's signature on (something); sign: the whole team autographed a shirt for him | [as adj.] (autographed) an autographed photo. • adj. written in the author's own handwriting: an autograph manuscript. ∎  (of a painting or sculpture) done by the artist, not by a copier.

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autographbarf, behalf, calf, chaff, coif, giraffe, Graf, graph, half, laugh, scarf, scrum half, staff, strafe, wing half •headscarf • mooncalf • bar graph •telegraph • polygraph • epigraph •serigraph • cardiograph • radiograph •spectrograph • micrograph •lithograph • heliograph •choreograph • tachograph •stylograph • holograph • seismograph •chronograph, monograph •phonograph • paragraph •cinematograph • pictograph •autograph • photograph • flagstaff •jackstaff • distaff • tipstaff • epitaph •pikestaff • cenotaph

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autograph author's own manuscript XVII; signature XVIII. — F. autographe or L. autographum — Gr. autógraphon; see AUTO-, -GRAPH.
Hence vb. XIX.

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