Sinatra, Frank (Francis) (Albert)

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Sinatra, Frank [Francis] (Albert) (b Hoboken, NJ, 1915; d Los Angeles, 1998). Amer. singer (light baritone) and actor. Radio début 1938. Sang with Harry James Band (1939) and Tommy Dorsey Band (1940–2). Solo career from 1942, with radio shows. Inspired excitement among ‘bobbysoxers’ of 1940s unequalled until advent of Elvis Presley and Beatles. Had successful career as ‘straight’ film actor, e.g. From Here to Eternity (1952), Von Ryan's Express (1965), and The Detective (1968). Resumed vocal career and made international tours in 1970s. Secret of his artistry was his emphasis on significance of a song's lyrics.

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