Robert of Jumièges

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Robert of Jumièges (d. c.1052). Archbishop. Born in Normandy, Robert Champart became abbot of Jumièges in 1037 and made the acquaintance of the future Edward the Confessor. He followed Edward to England and was made bishop of London in 1044. In great favour with the king, he was hostile to the powerful Godwine family. In 1051 the king appointed him archbishop of Canterbury, but he was not popular as a Norman, and his attacks upon the Godwines precipitated a sharp crisis. The Godwines were driven into brief exile, but when they returned in strength in 1052, Robert fled to the continent. Though he gained papal support, he was unable to recover his see and Stigand, an ally of Earl Godwine, was appointed in his place. The inability of the king to save his friend and adviser suggests the power of the Godwine family, and William the Conqueror used Robert's deposition as propaganda in his descent upon England in 1066.

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Robert of Jumieges

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