Pearson, John

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PEARSON, John. British, b. 1930. Genres: Novels, Biography, Documentaries/Reportage. Career: Freelance writer, 1965-. Previously worked for The Times, The Sunday Times (as staff reporter, columnist, and feature writer), and for BBC Television (as scriptwriter). Publications: Gone to Timbuctoo (novel), 1961; (with G. Turner) The Persuasion Industry, 1965; Bluebird and the Dead Lake, 1965; The Life of Ian Fleming, 1966; The Colosseum, 1968; The Life of James Bond, 1970; The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins, 1972, 3rd ed., 1984; Edward the Rake, 1974; The Life of Biggles, 1975; Facades,. 1979; The Kindness of Dr. Avicenna, 1982; Stags and Serpents: The Story of the House of Cavendish and the Dukes of Devonshire, 1983; The Ultimate Family: The Making of the Royal House of Windsor, 1986; The Selling of the Royal Family: The Mystique of the British Monarchy, 1986; The Private Lives of Winston Churchill, 1991; Painfully Rich: J. Paul Getty and His Heirs, 1995; Blood Royal: The Spencers and the Royals, 1999; The Cult of Violence, 2001. Address: c/o Peters Fraser Dunlop, 34 Russell St, London WC2B 5MA, England.

Pearson, John Andrew

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Pearson, John Andrew (1867–1940). English architect who settled in Toronto in 1888 and trained under Darling, becoming his partner in 1892. He rebuilt the central block of the Parliament, Ottawa (1916–24), and the Bank of Commerce, Toronto (1929–31).


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