Vital, ḥayyim ben Joseph

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Vital, Ḥayyim ben Joseph (1542–1620). Jewish kabbalist. Vital was the principal student of Isaac Luria in Safed and arranged and elaborated on his teachings. Ez ha-Ḥayyim (Tree of life) is a record of these teachings, and this was re-edited by his son and circulated under the title Shemonah Sheʿarim (Eight Gates). Vital also produced an autobiography (Sefer ha-Hezyonot, Book of Visions), commentaries on the Talmud, volumes of sermons, a commentary on the Zohar, and various halakhic responsa. As the chief formulator of the Lurianic kabbalah, he was an important influence on the development of later Jewish mysticism.

ḥayyim Vital

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Ḥayyim Vital (Jewish kabbalist): see VITAL, ḤAYYIM.

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Hayyim Vital

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