Johnson, Robert Sherlaw

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Johnson, Robert Sherlaw (b Sunderland, 1932); d Appleton, Oxon., 2000. Eng. composer and pianist. Lect., Leeds Univ., 1961–5, York Univ., 1965–70, Oxford Univ. from 1970. Specialist in mus. of Messiaen and author of book on him. Works incl. opera The Lambton Worm (1977); Songs of Love and Springtime, sop., pf.; 3 pf. sonatas (1963, 1967, 1976); The Resurrection of Fêng-Huang, sop., unacc. ch. (1968); 7 Short Piano Pieces (1968); The Praises of Heaven and Earth, sop., pf., tape (1969); Green Whispers of Gold, sop., pf., tape (1971); Carmina Vernalia, sop., chamber orch. (1972); Triptych, fl., cl., va., vc., pf., perc. (1973); Asterogenesis, pf. (1973); Festival Mass of the Resurrection, ch., orch. (1974); Where the Wild Things Are, sop., tape; 2 str. qts. (1974); cl. quintet (1974); sonata, fl., vc. (1975); Anglorum Feriae, sop., ten., ch., orch. (1977); Veritas veritatis, 6 vv. (1980); pf. conc. (1983).

Johnson, Robert Sherlaw

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Johnson, Robert Sherlaw

Johnson, Robert Sherlaw, English pianist and composer; b. Sunderland, May 21, 1932. He was educated at King’s Coll., Univ. of Durham (1950–53), and at the Royal Academy of Music in London (1953–57), then studied piano with Février and composition with Boulanger in Paris (1957–58), where he also attended Mes-siaen’s classes at the Cons. Returning to England, he gave piano recitals in programs of 20th-century music. He lectured at the univs. of Leeds (1961–63) and York (1965–70). In 1970 he was appointed to the faculty of the Univ. of Oxford; was a visiting prof, at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y. (1985). He wrote a study on Messiaen (1974). In his music, he re-creates Renaissance forms and mannerisms in a modern modal idiom. He composes mainly for chamber ensembles and vocal groups.


dramatic: Opera: The Lambton Worm (1976). ORCH.: Piano Concerto (1983). CHAMBER: 2 string quartets (1966, 1969); Triptych for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, and Percussion (1973); Quintet for Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano (1974); Sonata for Alto Flute and Cello (1976). Piano: 3 sonatas (1963, 1967, 1976); Asterogenesis for 8-octave (Bösendorfer) Piano (1973); Nymphaea l´ Projections”) (1976). VOCAL: The Praises of Heaven and Earth for Soprano, Tape, and Piano (1969); Incarnatio for Chorus (1970); Green Whispers of Gold for Voice, Tape, and Piano (1971); Carmina vernalia for Soprano and Instruments (1972); Christus resurgens for Chorus (1972); Festival Mass of the Resurrection for Chorus and Chamber Orch. (1974); Anglorum feriae for Soprano, Tenor, Chorus, and Orch. (1976); Veritas veritatus for 6 Voices (1980).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

Sherlaw Johnson, Robert

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Sherlaw Johnson, Robert. See Johnson, Robert Sherlaw.