Goossens, (Sir) (Aynsley) Eugene

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Goossens, (Sir) (Aynsley) Eugene (b London, 1893; d Hillingdon, 1962). Eng. conductor, violinist, and composer, son of above. Violinist in Queen's Hall Orch. 1911–15. Ass. cond. to Beecham 1916–20. Cond. f. Eng. concert p. of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, London 1921. Cond. opera and ballet CG 1921–3. Went to USA, becoming cond. Rochester PO 1923–31 and Cincinnati SO 1931–47. Cond. Sydney SO, NSW, and dir. NSW Cons. 1947–56. Knighted 1955. Comps. incl.:OPERAS: Judith (1 act, lib. Arnold Bennett, CG 1929); Don Juan de Manara (4 acts, lib. by Bennett, CG 1937).ORCH.: Sinfonietta (1922); ob. conc. (1927); sym. No.1 (1940), No.2 (1942–4).CHORAL: Silence (1922); Apocalypse, oratorio (1950–4).CHAMBER MUSIC: Phantasy for str. qt. (1915); str. qts. No.1 (1915), No.2 (1942); 2 Sketches (By the Tarn and Jack o'Lantern); str. qt. (1916); pf. quintet (1919); concertino for str. octet (1930).

Goossens, Eugene

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Goossens, Eugene (b Bruges, 1845; d Liverpool, 1906). Belg. conductor. Cond. of opera in Belgium, Fr., and It., then in Eng. from 1873. Cond. Carl Rosa Opera 1883–93 (prin. cond. from 1889). Org., St Anne's RC Church, Liverpool.

Goossens, Eugene

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Goossens, Eugene (b Bordeaux, 1867; d London, 1958). Fr.-born conductor, son of above. Studied Brussels Cons. 1883–6. Lived in Eng. from 1873. Worked with father for Carl Rosa, then prin. cond. of various other cos. Prin. cond. Carl Rosa 1899–1915. Cond. for Beecham co. from 1917, and BNOC from 1926.

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