David Feodorovich Oistrakh

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Oistrakh, David (b Odessa, 1908; d Amsterdam, 1974). Russ. violinist and conductor. Played Glazunov conc. with composer conducting, Kiev 1926. Moscow début 1928, joining staff of Cons. 1934. 1st prize Brussels Ysaÿe Int. Comp., 1937. Début Paris and London 1953, USA 1955. Salzburg Fest. début 1972 (soloist and cond.). Dedicatee and first performer of both Shostakovich vn. concs., No.1 (1955); No.2 (1967). One of greatest violinists of his day.

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Oistrakh, David (1908–74) Russian violinist. His interpretation of the violin repertoire earned him the reputation of being the greatest violinist of his day. His son and pupil, Igor Oistrakh (1931– ), is also a virtuoso violinist.

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