Janequin, Clément

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Renaissance composer who developed the polyphonic chanson; b. Châtellerault, France, c. 1480; d. Paris, c. 1560. During his productive career he lived in or near Bordeaux to c. 1531; Angers, to c. 1548; and Paris, from 1549; and at various times he held posts as curé, canon, and chaplain at Angers cathedral and the chapel of Francis of Guise. He also attended universities at Angers and Paris as an adult. He was a singer and choral director at Angers cathedral c. 1534, honorary singer to Francis I, 1531, and singer and official composer to Henry II from 1555. His musical works include two Masses, one motet, one motet-book (lost), one Italian madrigal, French psalms, spiritual songs, and some 286 surviving chansons of immense popularity (several quoted in fricassées ). Janequin is best known for his programmatic chansons with their lively syllabic declamation and onomatopoeia, but he excelled also in more lyrical types and occasionally experimented with chromaticism.

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Janequin, Clément

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Janequin, Clément [ Clément Jannequin] (b Châtellerault, nr. Poitiers, c.1485; d Paris, 1558). Fr. composer. Choirmaster, Angers Cath. 1534–7. Comp. over 250 chansons, some of which were pubd. by Attaignant. Settled in Paris 1549, becoming compositeur du roi. Entered Paris Univ. as a student when over 70. Wrote two Masses based on two of his chansons. Introduced bird-song and other programmatic effects. His Le bataille de Marignan (1515) imitates sword-clashes, warriors' cries, and other sounds.