Clement, Caesar

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Priest of the English Mission; place and date of birth unknown; d. Aug. 28, 1626. He was the grandson of John Clement and the illegitimate son of Thomas Clement. He sought admission into the English College at Rome in February 1578, but was refused as too young. He was admitted in September 1579, took the missionary oath in 1584, and was ordained in December of the following year. It is not known at which Italian university or when he received the D.D. He was sent to England at the end of 1587 but no record of his life there exists. He is next heard of as Dean of St. Guddule's, Brussels, and as vicar-general of the Spanish army in the Netherlands. He was greatly attached to his aunt, Margaret Clement, prioress of St. Ursula's convent, Louvain, from 1570, whom he aided in the foundation of St. Monica's Convent, Louvain, in 1609. In 1612 he was commissioned by Rome to accompany Robert Chambers in the visitation of Douai College so as to settle the administrational disturbances there. There is no account of his later years.

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