Clement, Hal

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CLEMENT, Hal. (Harry Clement Stubbs). American, b. 1922. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy, Young adult fiction, Novellas/Short stories, Novels. Career: Science teacher, Milton Academy, Massachusetts, 1949-87. Publications: Needle, 1951, as From Outer Space, 1957; Iceworld, 1953; Mission of Gravity, 1954; The Ranger Boys in Space (juvenile), 1956; Cycle of Fire, 1957; Some Notes on Xi Bootis, 1959; Close to Critical, 1964; Natives of Space (short stories), 1965; Small Changes (short stories), 1969, as Space Lash, 1969; Star Light, 1971; Ocean on Top, 1973; Left of Africa, 1976; Through the Eye of the Needle, 1978; The Best of Hal Clement (short stories), 1979; The Nitrogen Fix, 1982; Still River, 1987; Intuit, 1987; Fossil, 1993; Noise, 2003. EDITOR: First Flights to the Moon, 1970; The Moon by G. Gamow, 1971. Died 2003.