Clemens non Papa, Jacobus

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Renaissance composer; b. Ypres, Flanders, c. 1510;d. Dixmuide?, c. 1555. In 1544, then a priest, he was appointed choirmaster at St. Donatien, Bruges, but was dismissed the following year. Writers in the 17th century place his activity at Antwerp, Ypres, and finally Dixmuide, where he is said to have died. His final work, the motet Hic est vere martir, was copied in 1555, and it is likely that death interrupted composition of his Souterliedekens (Little Psalter Songs), completed and published by Susato (Antwerp 1556). A lament on his death by Jakob Vaet appeared in 1558. He was published under the name Jacques Clément until he began using Clemens non Papa in 1546to distinguish himself, so it is thought, from an Ypres poet, Jacobus Papa. His works include 15 Masses, 231 motets, many French and Flemish songs, and Souterliedekens, three-part settings of the Psalms in Flemish, employing popular tunes of the day. His clear and expressive style influenced such composers as Orlando di lasso.

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