Francesca da Rimini

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Francesca da Rimini. The story of the adulterous lovers Paolo and Francesca in canto V of Dante's Inferno has been the basis of several comps.: (1) Symphonic fantasy by Tchaikovsky, Op.32, 1876, based on picture by Doré. (2) Opera in 4 acts by Zandonai to lib. by T. Ricordi after play by d'Annunzio (1902), after Dante's Inferno, canto V. Comp. 1912–13. Prod. Turin and London 1914, NY Met 1916. (3) Opera in prol., 2 scenes, and epilogue by Rachmaninov to lib. by M. Tchaikovsky after Dante's Inferno, canto V. Prod. Moscow 1906. F. Brit. p. Chester 1973. (4) Sym.-poem by H. Hadley f.p. Boston 1905. Also operas on the subject by Goetz, Pierné, Thomas, Nápravník, and several other composers.

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Francesca da Rimini (fränchĕs´kä dä rē´mēnē), fl. 13th cent., Italian beauty, daughter of Guido da Polenta of Ravenna. She was married by proxy to the hunchbacked lord of Rimini, Gianciotto Malatesta; the proxy, Gianciotto's young and handsome brother Paolo, became Francesca's lover. Gianciotto, discovering their guilt, killed them. The story is immortalized in Dante's Divine Comedy and is the subject of many other literary and artistic works and of Tchaikovsky's symphonic poem.