London, Todd

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London, Todd


Son of Jerry London (a producer and director). Education: University of California, Los Angeles, B.A.S., 1985. Avocational Interests: Building home theatre systems, Harley Davidson motorcycles.


Producer and actor. Aaron Spelling Productions, Hollywood, CA, apprentice editor, then associate producer, between 1986 and 1988; Universal Studios, producer; also worked as post-production supervisor.


Motion Picture and Video Tape Editors Guild, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Screen Actors Guild.


Television Associate Producer; Series:

The Burning Zone, UPN, 1996.

Roar, Fox, 1997.

V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 1998-99.

Manhattan, AZ, USA Network, 2000.

Grosse Pointe, The WB, 2000.

Method & Red, Fox, 2004-2005.

Television Coproducer; Series:

Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1992-96.

Get Real, Fox, 1999.

Robbery Homicide Division (also known as R.H.D./L. A.: Robbery Homicide Division/Los Angeles), CBS, 2002-2003.

Carnivale, HBO, 2003-2005.

Rome, HBO, 2005.

Television Producer; Series:

Rome, HBO, 2007.

Mad Men, AMC, 2007.

Television Associate Producer; Pilots:

Harry's Hong Kong, ABC, 1987.

Black Jaq, ABC, 1998.

Action, Fox, 1999.

Television Coproducer; Pilots:

Born in Brooklyn, ABC, 2001.

The Third Degree, Fox, 2001.

Miracles, ABC, 2003.

House M.D. (also known as House), Fox, 2004.

Television Associate Producer; Other:

Manhunt for Claude Dallas (movie), CBS, 1986.

Crossings (miniseries), ABC, 1986.

Associate producer of ten movies featuring police detective Columbo, ABC, 1989-90; also coproducer of five "Columbo" movies, ABC, 1990-92.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Stan, "Canyon of Death," The Bionic Woman, ABC, 1976.

Television Appearances; Other:

The Gift of Life (movie), CBS, 1982.

Jason Fielder, Hotel (pilot), ABC, 1983.



Todd London Official Site,, November 7, 2007.

London, Todd

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London, Todd


Companion of Karen Hartman (a playwright); children: Guthrie, Grisha (son). Education: Boston University, M.F.A.; American University, Ph.D.


Contact—c/o Theatre Communications Group, 520 Eighth Ave., 24th Floor, New York, NY 10018-4156.


Artistic director, educator, magazine editor, critic, and novelist. Classic Stage Company, New York City, associate artistic director, 1987-88; New Dramatists (nonprofit center), New York City, artistic director. Yale University, faculty member; Harvard University, visiting lecturer. Theatre Development Fund, director of Playwrights Project; New York State Council on the Arts, past chair of theatre panel; member of board of directors, Theatre Communications Group, John Golden Fund, and Talking Band. American Theatre, past managing editor.

Awards, Honors:

George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism, for essays in American Theatre.


Published Works:

The Artistic Home: Discussions with Artistic Directors of America's Institutional Theatres, Theatre Communications Group, 1988.

(Editor) Contemporary American Monologues for Men, Theatre Communications Group, 1998.

(Editor) Contemporary American Monologues for Women, Theatre Communications Group, 1998.

The World's Room (novel), Steerforth Press, 2001.

(Editor) New Dramatists: The Best Plays by the Graduating Class of 2000, Smith & Kraus, 2002.

(Editor) New Dramatists: The Best Plays by the Graduating Class of 2001, Smith & Kraus, 2003.

Contributor to other books. Contributor of articles and essays to periodicals in the United States and around the world.

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