Doyle, Richard (Richard Doyal)

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DOYLE, Richard
(Richard Doyal)


Children: one daughter.

Addresses: Agent Special Artist Agency, 345 North Maple Dr., Suite 302, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Contact c/o 400 N. Hollywood Way, Unit 311, Burbank, CA 91505. Office c/o South Coast Repertory, P.O. Box 2197, Costa Mesa, CA 926282197.

Career: Actor. South Coast Repertory (a theatre company), founding member.

Awards, Honors: Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award, distinguished achievement award, 1990, for Holy Days; Robby Award, best supporting actor, 1999, for On the Jump; Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award, for The Crucible; Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award nominations, for Intimate Exchanges.


Film Appearances:

Jim, Coma, MetroGoldwynMayer/United Artist Distribution Company, 1978.

Faculty member, Mass Appeal, MCA/Universal, 1984.

Voice, Trick or Treat, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, 1986.

Air Force One backup pilot Colonel Bob Jackson, Air Force One (also known as AFO ), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1997.

Television Appearances; Series:

Voice of Ford Carter and George W. Heinlein, The Chimp Channel, TBS, 1999.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

AIA agent, Dress Gray, NBC, 1986.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Herb, SonRise: A Miracle of Love, NBC, 1979.

The Women's Room, ABC, 1980.

Second police officer, Your Place or Mine, CBS, 1983.

Journalist #1, Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story, CBS, 1985.

Mr. Anthony, Once You Meet a Stranger, CBS, 1996.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Voice, The Wild West, syndicated, 1993.

Voice, Russia's Last Tsar, NBC, 1996.

Narrator, Mysterious World: Mysteries of the Bible, The Learning Channel, 1998.

The Lost World, SciFi Channel, 1998.

Voice, John Brown's Holy War, PBS, 2000.

Voice, Devil's Island, The Discovery Channel, 2000.

Host, Yellowstone: America's Sacred Wilderness, PBS, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Bruce, "Class of '99," Night Gallery, NBC, 1971.

"Murder for Murder," Cannon, CBS, 1973.

M.P., "Hawkeye Get Your Gun," M*A*S*H, CBS, 1976.

Bartender, "Last Mission over Sengai," Baa Baa Black Sheep, NBC, 1977.

Ford, "Girl on the Ledge," Future Cop, 1977.

Paramedic, "The Attractive Nuisance," The Rockford Files, NBC, 1978.

Alan Simmons, "Design for Madness," Barnaby Jones, 1979.

Uri Yovanovitch, "Just Another Three Ring Circus," The Greatest American Hero, ABC, 1982.

Priest, "Ending on a High Note," Fame, NBC, 1983.

"Hello, Goodbye, Hello," Dallas, CBS, 1986.

Man #2, "The Competition," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1987.

(As Richard Doyal) "Marsha's Job," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1987.

Walter Glendon, "The Spin Doctor," Knots Landing, 1989.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "Golden Boyd," Cheers, NBC, 1989.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "The Gift of the Woody," Cheers, NBC, 1989.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "Woody or Won't He," Cheers, NBC, 1990.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "Loverboyd," Cheers, NBC, 1990.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "No Rest for the Woody," Cheers, NBC, 1992.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "An OldFashioned Wedding: Parts 1 & 2," Cheers, NBC, 1992.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "IllGotten Gaines," Cheers, NBC, 1992.

Mr. Gaines, Woody's father, "Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses: Parts 1 & 2," Cheers, NBC, 1993.

Voice of Ernie, "The Lion and the Unicorn," Batman: The Animated Series (animated), Fox, 1995.

Paul Wilson, "A Tushful of Dollars," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1996.

John Morris, "Nothing Personal," Sisters, NBC, 1996.

Voice of Phineas Fogg, "Around the World in 80 Narfs," Pinky and the Brain (animated; also known as Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky & the Brain ), The WB, 1996.

Voice of D. B. Graves, detective, and producer, "Manhattan Maneater," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), Cartoon Network and syndicated, 1996.

Voice of Harry, "Love Is a Croc," Batman: Gotham Knights (animated), The WB, 1998.

Judge Warren Halperin, "In Deep," The Practice, ABC, 1998.

Judge Warren Halperin, "Another Day," The Practice, ABC, 1998.

Dr. Wolverton, "Wild Child," The Pretender, NBC, 1999.

Dr. Anderson, "The Accident," The Lot, AMC, 2001.

Voice of U.N. Assembly leader, "The Enemy Below: Part 1," Justice League (animated), Cartoon Network, 2001.

Voice of Dr. Louis, "The Brave and the Bold: Part 1," Justice League (animated), Cartoon Network, 2002.

Also appeared as narrator, The Living Edens; narrator, Impressions of California; Mr. Ranzer, "Day 1329: Revenge," Good Company; voice, Sky Commanders, syndicated; Mr. Ranzer, Good Company, CBS; voice of Little Chip and Chippendale, "A Room with No Viewfinder," Aaahh! Real Monsters (animated), Nickelodeon.

Television Work; Series:

Additional voices, The Legend of Calamity Jane, The WB, 1997.

Stage Appearances:

Roy Day, But Not For Me, South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, CA, 1998.

The Philanderer, South Coast Repertory, 1999.

Spirit of Christmas Past, A Christmas Carol, South Coast Repertory, 2000.

Amy's View, South Coast Repertory, 2000.

The Hollow Lands, South Coast Repertory, 2000.

Harry, Delicate Balance, South Coast Repertory, 2001.

Spirit of Christmas Past, A Christmas Carol, South Coast Repertory, 2001.

Sam, The Homecoming, South Coast Repertory, 2001.

Friar Francis, Much Ado about Nothing, South Coast Repertory, 2001.

Sam, The School of Wives, South Coast Repertory, 2001.

Old Colin and others, The Beard of Avon, South Coast Repertory, 2001.

Major Barbara, South Coast Repertory, 2002.

Robert, Proof, South Coast Repertory, 2003.

Philip, Relatively Speaking, Julianne Argyros, South Coast Repertory, 2003.

Last Night of Ballyhoo, South Coast Repertory, 2003.

Also appeared as Reverend Hale, The Crucible, Holy Days, and On the Jump, all South Coast Repertory.


Video Games:

Voices of Moebius the Timestreamer, Nupraptor the Mentalist, and Anacrothe the Alchemist, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, 1996.

Voices of Moebius and Morlock the Guardian, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, 1999.

Voice of John Wilkes, Gabriel Knight: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, Sierra OnLine, 1999.

Voices of Bajoran Fanatic, Bajoran Officer Male, Obsidian Solider, and Rogon'Ogar, Star Trek: Deep Space NineThe Fallen, 2000.

Voices of Zera, Gonzola, and Village Chief, Grandia II, 2000.

Voice of Moebius, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver II (also known as The Legacy of Kain Series: Soul Reaver 2 ), 2001.

Voices of Rebel Wingman 6 and Transport Captain 1, Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 (also known as Rogue Leader and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II ), 2001.

(As Richard Doyal) Voices of Pious Augustus, Paul Augustine, Defeated General, Liche, and Ulyaoth, Eternal Darkness (also known as Eternal Darkness ), Nintendo of America, 2002.

Voice of Moebius, Legacy of Kain: Defiance (also known as Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver III ), 2003.

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