Dame Barbara Hepworth

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Dame Barbara Hepworth, 1903–75, English sculptor. Hepworth's smooth, usually nonfigurative sculptures recall those of Jean Arp. Working in Cornwall, she consistently sought perfection of form and surface texture. She worked primarily in stone, in bronze. Her sculpture is represented in the Tate Gallery, London. From 1933 to 1951; Hepworth was married to the painter Ben Nicholson.

See studies by A. M. Hammacher (tr. 1968) and A. Bowness, ed. (1971).

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Hepworth, Dame Barbara (1903–76) English sculptor. She shared Henry Moore's interest in the techniques of carving. Her early pieces were mainly in wood and stone, using their natural qualities to produce fluid forms such as Figure in sycamore (1931). She married (1932–51) the abstract painter Ben Nicholson. In the 1950s, Hepworth began to work in bronze. Later works include the memorial to Dag Hammerskojd, Single form (1963).