Nijinskaya, Bronislava

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Nijinskaya, Bronislava [ Bronislava Nijinska] (b Minsk, 1891; d Los Angeles, 1972). Dancer and choreographer. Sister of Vaclav Nijinsky. Created roles in Diaghilev ballets (Carnaval, 1910 and Petrushka, 1911). Returned to Russ. 1914 but left 1921 to rejoin Diaghilev co. as dancer, prod., and choreographer. Created Renard (1922), Les Noces (1923), Les Biches, and Le train bleu (1924). Worked as choreog. for Paris Opéra, Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, and with Ida Rubinstein co. (Le Baiser de la Fée, Boléro, 1928, La Valse, 1929). Later worked for Max Reinhardt in Berlin and opened ballet sch. in Los Angeles 1938. Guest choreog. for various cos. in 1940s. Prod. Les Biches (1964) and Les Noces (1966) for Royal Ballet at CG.

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