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R1 / är/ (also r) • n. (pl. Rsor R's) the eighteenth letter of the alphabet. ∎  denoting the next after Q in a set of items, categories, etc.PHRASES: the R months the months with R in their names (September to April), considered to be the season for eating oysters.the three Rs reading, writing, and arithmetic, regarded as the fundamentals of learning.R2 • abbr. ∎  rand: a farm worth nearly R1,3-million. ∎  Réaumur: 198.6 °R. ∎  Regina or Rex: Elizabeth R. ∎  (also ®) registered as a trademark. ∎  (in the U.S.) Republican: congressman Henry Hyde (R-Illinois). ∎  restricted, a rating in the Voluntary Movie Rating System that children under 17 require an accompanying parent or adult guardian for admission. ∎  (on a gearshift) reverse. ∎  (R.) River (chiefly on maps): R. Cherwell. ∎  roentgen(s). ∎  rook (in recording moves in chess): 21.Rh4.• symb. ∎  Chem. an unspecified alkyl or other organic radical or group. ∎  electrical resistance. ∎  Chem. the gas constant.

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