Sancho I

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Sancho I (Sancho Ramírez) (sän´chō rämē´rĕth), 1045?–1094, king of Aragón (1063–94) and, as Sancho V, king of Navarre (1076–94); son and successor of Ramiro I. He continued the war against the Moors and at the death of Sancho IV of Navarre was proclaimed king of Navarre. He died in the siege of Huesca. Peter I succeeded him.

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Sancho I, c.1154–1211, king of Portugal (1185–1211), son and successor of Alfonso I. He was associated in his father's government from c.1170. Sancho undertook to restore and repeople the lands devastated in the wars against the Moors; thus he became known as Sancho o Povoador [Sancho the settler or populator]. Early successes against the Moors in Algarve were canceled by new Moorish attacks. He was succeeded by his son Alfonso II.