Wieck, (Johann Gottlob) Friedrich

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Wieck, (Johann Gottlob) Friedrich (b Pretzsch, nr. Torgau, 1785; d Loschwitz, nr. Dresden, 1873). Ger. music teacher. Settled in Leipzig where he gave lessons, est. a piano factory, and founded a lending library. Moved to Dresden 1844, where he became one of most famous of piano teachers. Pupils inc. Bülow, Robert Schumann, and his daughter (by his first wife) Clara, who married Schumann. Wrote book Klavier und Gesang (1853, rev. 1878).

Kittl, Johann Friedrich

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Kittl, Johann Friedrich [ Jan Bedřich] (b Orlik nad Vltavou, 1806; d Lissa, 1868). Ger.-Bohemian composer. Mendelssohn cond. his 2nd sym. in Leipzig, 1840. Dir., Prague Cons. 1843–65. Friend of Wagner, who gave him his lib. Die Franzosen vor Nizza which he comp. as Bianca und Giuseppe (1848). Also wrote 3 other operas, 4 syms., chamber mus., pf. pieces, and songs.

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