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Christian X, 1870–1947, king of Denmark (1912–47) and Iceland (1912–44), son and successor of Frederick VIII and brother of King Haakon VII of Norway. He granted (1915) a new constitution that included the enfranchisement of women. During the German occupation (1940–45) of Denmark, the king defied German authority and was placed (1943) under house arrest. He became a symbol of national resistance. In 1944, Iceland severed all ties with the Danish crown. Christian's son Frederick IX succeeded him.

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Christian X (1870–1947) King of Denmark (1912–47) and Iceland (1919–44), succeeding Frederick VIII. During his reign universal suffrage was established (1915) and social welfare policies were consolidated. He tried to remain neutral during World War I and defied the Germans during occupation (1940–45).