Angus, Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of

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Angus, Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of [S] (c.1490–1557). Douglas's father was killed at Flodden and he inherited the earldom from his grandfather in 1513. Later that year he married Margaret, queen dowager of Scotland. The daughter of the marriage became countess of Lennox and was mother of Lord Darnley, briefly king of Scotland. Angus was a member of the Council of Regency for James V 1517–21 and 1523–6 and chancellor in 1527. On bad terms with the young king and divorced by his wife, he was in exile in England from 1528 to 1542. He returned to Scotland in 1542 after the death of James, abandoned the English connection, and fought with some distinction at Ancrum and Pinkie. His great-nephew, the 8th earl, was active in the Ruthven raid of 1582.

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Archibald Douglas 6th earl of Angus

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