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Aristides (ărĬstī´dēz), d. c.468 BC, Athenian statesman and general. He was one of the 10 generals who commanded the Athenians at the battle of Marathon (490 BC) and in the next year became chief archon. In 483 he was ostracized because he opposed the naval policy of Themistocles. However, in 480 Aristides fought beside his countrymen at Salamis, and the following year he commanded the Athenian army at the battle of Plataea. Later he organized the finances of the Delian League. He is a classic example of probity in public life and was called Aristides the Just.

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Aristides an Athenian statesman and general of the 5th century bc, known as Aristides the Just. He commanded the Athenian army at the battle of Plataea, but came into conflict with Themistocles and was ostracized.