David Dacko

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David Dacko (dävēd´ däkō´), 1930–2003, president of the Central African Republic (1960–66, 1979–81). A leader in the independence movement in French Equatorial Africa, he became the first president of the newly independent Central African Republic. He was toppled from power in 1966 by Jean-Bédel Bokassa but reinstated in a French-supported coup in 1979. Reelected president, he was overthrown by a military junta in 1981.

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Bokassa, Jean Bédel (1921–96) Emperor of the Central African Empire (1977–79). Bokassa came to power in 1966 in a military coup. After serving as president (1966–77) of the Central African Republic, he crowned himself emperor. His regime was brutal. A 1979 coup (with French military aid) removed Bokassa, who went into exile in France, and replaced him with his cousin David Dacko.