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Lohengrin in medieval French and German romances, the son of Perceval (Parsifal). He was summoned from the temple of the Holy Grail and taken in a boat drawn by swans to Antwerp, where he rescued Elsa of Brabant from a forced marriage; he was ready to marry her himself, providing that she did not ask who he was. Elsa broke this condition and he was carried away in the swan-boat back to the Grail castle.

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Lohengrin. Opera in 3 acts by Wagner to his own lib. Comp. 1846–8. Prod. Weimar (cond. Liszt) 1850, NY 1871, London 1875. The Bridal Chorus (wedding march), adapted by innumerable organists for church weddings, occurs early in Act 3, Scene 1. Lohengrin, Knight of the Holy Grail, is the son of Parsifal.

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