Logroscino, Nicola Bonifacio

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Logroscino, Nicola Bonifacio

Logroscino, Nicola Bonifacio, Italian composer; b. Bitonto (baptized), Oct. 22, 1698; d. Palermo, after 1765. He was a pupil of Veneziano and Perugino (1714-27) at the Cons, di S. Maria di Loreto in Naples. From 1728 to 1731 he was organist at Conza (Avellino); then was active in Naples to about 1756. He subsequently went to Palermo, where he taught at the Ospedale dei Figliuoli Dispersi (c. 1758-64). Of his many works, the comic opera 11 Governatore (Naples, Carnival (1747) and the heroic opera Giunio Bruto (Rome, Jan. 1748) are the only 2 in which the music is extant in full.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire