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TESOL, short for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. A professional association for teachers of English as a second language, founded in the US in 1966, and the especially US name for TEACHING ENGLISH as a second or additional language, especially to immigrants in English-speaking countries. The organization was at first focused on North America, but in the 1970s–80s became increasingly international. Its core membership at June 1990 was some 16,000 individuals, but as an association of associations, with 70 affiliates worldwide, it represents an additional 26,000 English-teaching professionals. Its stated aim is ‘to strengthen the effective teaching and learning of English around the world while respecting individuals’ language rights. To this end, TESOL, as an international professional association: supports and seeks to inspire those involved in English language teaching, teacher education, administration and management, curriculum and materials design, and research; provides leadership and direction through the dissemination and exchange of information and resources; and encourages access to and standards for English language instruction, professional preparation, and employment.' TESOL is governed by an Executive Board elected by the membership to represent the affiliates, the 16 special-interest sections, and the membership at large. The Board is headed by a President who holds office for one year.

TESOL's major public activities are an annual conference of about 6,000 participants, usually held in March in either the US or Canada, and a Summer Institute of six to eight weeks, usually in North America but occasionally in Europe. In addition to books and policy statements, publications include TESOL Quarterly (a journal presenting mainly research papers), TESOL Matters (a bimonthly medium for news of the organization and the profession at large), and TESOL Journal (a quarterly featuring practical concerns). Its headquarters are at 1600 Cameron Street, Suite 300, Alexandria, Virginia, USA. See ENGLISH TEACHING, LANGUAGE LEARNING, LANGUAGE TEACHING.


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TESOL (ˈtiːsɒl) teaching (or teacher) of English to speakers of other languages