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mes·o·lect / ˈmezəˌlekt; ˈmesə-; ˈmēzə-; ˈmēsə-/ • n. (relative to the acrolect and the basilect) an intermediate dialect or variety of a particular language (used esp. in the study of Creoles). DERIVATIVES: mes·o·lec·tal / ˌmezəˈlektəl; ˌmesə-; ˌmēzə-; ˌmēsə-/ adj.

views updated

MESOLECT. The variety of language in a POST-CREOLE CONTINUUM intermediate between BASILECT and ACROLECT, often retaining semantic and syntactic features not found in the acrolect and tending to vary from speaker to speaker, such as between standard Jamaican English and Jamaican Creole. See DIALECT, LECT.