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dictateabate, ablate, aerate, ait, await, backdate, bait, bate, berate, castrate, collate, conflate, crate, create, cremate, date, deflate, dictate, dilate, distraite, donate, downstate, eight, elate, equate, estate, fate, fellate, fête, fixate, freight, frustrate, gait, gate, gestate, gradate, grate, great, gyrate, hate, hydrate, inflate, innate, interrelate, interstate, irate, Kate, Kuwait, lactate, late, locate, lustrate, mandate, mate, migrate, misdate, misstate, mistranslate, mutate, narrate, negate, notate, orate, ornate, Pate, placate, plate, prate, prorate, prostrate, pulsate, pupate, quadrate, rate, rotate, sate, sedate, serrate, short weight, skate, slate, spate, spectate, spruit, stagnate, state, straight, strait, Tate, tête-à-tête, Thwaite, translate, translocate, transmigrate, truncate, underrate, understate, underweight, update, uprate, upstate, up-to-date, vacate, vibrate, wait, weight •lactate, tractate •apartheid • peltate • edentate •testate • dictate • meditate • agitate •vegetate • interdigitate •cogitate, excogitate •ingurgitate, regurgitate •facilitate, habilitate, militate •debilitate • imitate • decapitate •palpitate • crepitate • precipitate •irritate •acetate, capacitate, triacetate •necessitate • felicitate • resuscitate •gravitate • levitate • hesitate •apostate, prostate •pernoctate • potentate • annotate •amputate • permutate • orientate •auscultate • commentate • superstate •devastate • salivate • elevate •activate • captivate • titivate •motivate • cultivate • ovate • excavate •enervate, renovate •innovate • aggravate • rotavate

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dic·tate / ˈdikˌtāt/ • v. [tr.] 1. lay down authoritatively; prescribe: the tsar's attempts to dictate policy | [intr.] that doesn't give you the right to dictate to me. ∎  control or decisively affect; determine: choice is often dictated by availability | [intr.] a review process can be changed as circumstances dictate. 2. say or read aloud (words to be typed, written down, or recorded on tape): I have four letters to dictate. • n. (usu. dictates) an order or principle that must be obeyed: the dictates of fashion.

views updated

dictate utter aloud (something to be written down); lay down authoritatively. XVII. f. dictāt-, pp. stem of L. dictāre pronounce, prescribe, f. dīcere say (see DICTION).
So dictate sb. XVI. — L. dictātum, sb. use of n. pp. of dictāre. dictation XVII. — late L. dictator XIV. — L.

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