Diction, Faulty

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177. Diction, Faulty

  1. Ace, Jane (19051974) radio personality, remembered for sayings such as up at the crank of dawn. [Radio: Easy Aces in Buxton, 7475]
  2. Amos n Andy early radio buffoons who distorted language: Ise regusted! [Radio: Buxton, 1314]
  3. Bottom, Nick tradesman-actor who constantly misuses words. [Br. Drama: Shakespeare A Midsummer Nights Dream ]
  4. Claudius because he stammered, held in little esteem as emperor. [Br. Lit.: I, Claudius ]
  5. Clouseau, Inspector Jacques infamous, tongue-tripping French detective. [Am. Cinema: The Pink Panther in Halliwell, 565]
  6. Dean, Dizzy (19111974) famous baseball pitcher turned sports announcer: He slud inta tird. [Radio: Buxton, 223]
  7. Dean, James (19311955) actor whose inarticulateness epitomized the anti-eloquence of American youth in the 1950s. [Am. Cinema: Griffith, 423]
  8. Demosthenes (384322 B.C.) learned proper diction by practicing with mouth full of pebbles. [Gk. Hist.: NCE, 744]
  9. Dogberry constable who garbles every phrase he speaks. [Br. Drama: Benét, 277]
  10. Doolittle, Eliza Cockney flower girl transformed from guttersnipe to lady via better English. [Br. Lit.: Pygmalion ]
  11. Ephraimites identified as enemy by mispronunciation of shibboleth. [O.T.: Judges 12:6]
  12. Fudd, Elmer disgruntled little man, stammers out his frustration at impish rabbit. [TV: The Bugs Bunny Show in Terrace, I, 125]
  13. Malaprop, Mrs. eponymous blunderer in word usage. [Br. Drama: Benét, 623]
  14. Partington, Mrs. foolish old lady who constantly misuses words. [Am. Lit.: Brewer Dictionary, 681]
  15. Pig, Porky stuttering porcine character in film cartoons. [Comics: Horn, 562563]
  16. Pip how orphan Philip Pirrup says his name. [Br. Lit.: Great Expectations ]
  17. Spooner, Rev. W. A. (18441930) legendary for transposing initial sounds: our queer dean Mary; hence, spoonerism. [Br. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1029]
  18. Sylvester the lisping feline star of film cartoons. [TV: The Bugs Bunny Show in Terrace, I, 125]