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cut-up (also cut up) • adj. 1. divided into pieces by cutting: cut-up vegetables. ∎  (of a soft piece of ground) having an uneven surface after the passage of heavy vehicles or animals. 2. inf. (of a person) very distressed. • n. 1. a film or sound recording made by cutting and editing material from preexisting recordings. 2. (cutup) inf. a person who is fond of making jokes or playing pranks.

views updated

cut-upcup, grown-up, pup, scup, straight-up, stuck-up, summing-up, sup, totting-up, tup, two-up, up, washing-up •pick-me-up • fry-up • wind-up •round-up • hold-up • backup • markup •check-up •break-up, make-up, shake-up, take-up •teacup •hiccup, pickup, stick-up •link-up •cock-up, lock-up •walk-up •hook-up, lookup •buttercup • snarl-up • pile-up •pull-up • warm-up • clean-up • pin-up •line-up • grown-up •run-up, sun-up, ton-up •turn-up • hang-up • slap-up • zip-up •top-up • chirrup • press-up • piss-up •toss-up •nosh-up, wash-up •punch-up • start-up •let-up, set-up •sit-up • cut-up • rave-up

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