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con·jec·ture / kənˈjekchər/ • n. an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information: conjectures about the newcomer the purpose of the wall is open to conjecture. ∎  an unproven mathematical or scientific theorem. ∎  (in textual criticism) the suggestion or reconstruction of a reading of a text not present in the original source. • v. [tr.] form an opinion or supposition about (something) on the basis of incomplete information: many conjectured that she had a second husband in mind. ∎  (in textual criticism) propose (a reading). DERIVATIVES: con·jec·tur·a·ble adj.

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conjecturecatcher, dacha, focaccia, patcher, scratcher, snatcher, stature, thatcher •facture, fracture, manufacture •capture, enrapture, rapture •flycatcher • oystercatcher •archer, departure, kwacha, marcher, starcher, viscacha •pasture •etcher, fetcher, fletcher, lecher, sketcher, stretcher •conjecture, lecture •sepulture •denture, misadventure, peradventure •divesture, gesture, vesture •texture • architecture • nature •magistrature •bleacher, creature, feature, headteacher, Katowice, Nietzsche, preacher, screecher, teacher •schoolteacher •ditcher, hitcher, pitcher, stitcher, twitcher •Chibcha •picture, stricture •filcher • simcha •cincture, tincture •scripture •admixture, commixture, fixture, intermixture, mixture •expenditure • forfeiture •discomfiture • garniture •primogeniture, progeniture •miniature • furniture • temperature •portraiture • literature •divestiture, vestiture

views updated

conjecture †interpretation of signs, etc. XIV; (formation of) an opinion on grounds insufficient for proof XVI. — (O)F. conjecture or L. conjectūra conclusion, inference, f. conject-, pp. stem of conicere throw together, put together in speech or thought, conclude; see CON-, ABJECT, -URE.
So conjecture vb. XIV. — (O)F. conjecturer — late L. conjecturāre. conjectural XVI. — F. — L.