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cloud·y / ˈkloudē/ • adj. (cloud·i·er , cloud·i·est ) 1. (of the sky or weather) covered with or characterized by clouds; overcast. 2. (of a liquid) not transparent or clear. ∎  (of a color) opaque; having white as a constituent: cloudy reds and blues and greens. ∎  (of marble) variegated with cloudlike markings. ∎  (of someone's eyes) misted with tears. ∎  uncertain; unclear. DERIVATIVES: cloud·i·ly / ˈkloudl-ē/ adv. cloud·i·ness n.

views updated

cloudybody, embody, Irrawaddy, Kirkcaldy, noddy, Passamaquoddy, shoddy, Soddy, squaddie, toddy, wadi •secondi, spondee, tondi •anybody • everybody • busybody •dogsbody • homebody •bawdy, gaudy, Geordie, Lordy •baldy, Garibaldi, Grimaldi •Maundy •cloudy, dowdy, Gaudí, howdy, rowdy, Saudi •Jodie, roadie, toady, tody •Goldie, mouldy (US moldy), oldie •broody, foodie, Judy, moody, Rudi, Trudy, Yehudi •goody, hoodie, woody •Burundi, Kirundi, Mappa Mundi •Rushdie •bloody, buddy, cruddy, cuddy, muddy, nuddy, ruddy, study •barramundi, bassi profundi, Lundy, undy •fuddy-duddy • understudy •Lombardy • nobody • somebody •organdie (US organdy) • burgundy •Arcady •chickadee, Picardy •malady • melody • Lollardy •psalmody • Normandy • threnody •hymnody • jeopardy • chiropody •parody • rhapsody • prosody •bastardy • custody •birdie, curdy, hurdy-gurdy, nerdy, sturdy, vinho verde, wordy •olde worlde

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