Cloud of Unknowing

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Of unknown authorship, the Cloud of Unknowing is generally considered the greatest spiritual classic to issue from the mystical movement of the 14th century in England. It is a treatise on the contemplative life written for the instruction of a disciple who has already passed through the preparatory stages of discursive prayer and now finds himself in a state of deprivation and darkness, "as it were a cloud of unknowing." The Cloud is evidently the work of a priest and theologian at home in both patristic thought and contemporary controversy and speculation. The anonymous author stresses the primacy of the will (as the faculty for loving) over intellect in the work of contemplation: "By love He may be gotten and holden; but by thought neither." He synthesizes with masterly skill traditional doctrine (especially of the Dionysian and Victorine line) and argues with the closely reasoned thought characteristic of Thomistic theology. His skill in working scriptural language and images into the very texture of his prose is a feature of his markedly original and forceful prose style. Manuscript evidence assigns the Cloud to the late 14th century and to an East Midland dialect.

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