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Cloverleaf Connections

Cloverleaf Connections is a Canadian-based channeling organization claiming to be in contact with a host of spiritual entities, especially those extraterrestrial beings who constitute the intergalactic association commonly known as the Ashtar Command. Cloverleaf Connections traces its history to the Harmonic Convergence event of 1987 during which a young woman, Ariana Sheran, learned to channel and began to receive messages, especially from Ashtar. Over a period of time, Sheran received numerous messages and reproduced them for general circulation. Cloverleaf Connections emerged as a point of dissemination for these messages.

Throughout the 1990s to the present, Cloverleaf Connections has generally seen itself within the emerging ascension movement and Sheran has been comfortable with channeling material from both members of the theosophical spiritual hierarchy (Sananda, Kuthumi, St. Germain) and the Galactic Federation, as well as various angelic beings such as Lord Michael. The primary messages, however, are from Ashtar.

Ashtar is thought of as an etheric being who has passed through many incarnations. Through these various lives he has concentrated upon seeding planets. He reportedly brought life to Earth, including what became human life. He has had a special concern for human beings. In the present, he believes that Earth has become unbalanced, just as it is about to enter the fifth dimension (ascension). He works under Sananda (known to most people as Jesus). This present generation is a time of cleansing (the same times discussed in the biblical Book of Revelation).

Cloverleaf Connections is headquartered at 118 Fisher Crescent, Saskatoon, SK Canada S7L 5C4. It has published a number of the channeled materials received through Sheran in both booklets and cassette tapes. It may be contacted through its website at


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