Clowning Around 2

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Clowning Around 2 ★★½ 1993

The continuing story of Sim, whose dream is to become a worldfamous clown. Now a member of the Winter Circus in Paris, he is still training with his mentor Anatole. But Sim is dissatisfied and when he befriends Eve, another young clown, he learns an experimental style of clowning which gets them both fired. He first follows Eve to her home in Montreal but then returns to his own home in Australia where he has been left the coowner of a lessthansuccessful circus by a former employer. Filmed on location in Paris, France and Perth, Australia. 120m/C VHS . AU Clayton Williamson, JeanMichel Dagory, Ernie Dingo, Frederique Fouche; D: George Whaley.