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ap·praise / əˈprāz/ • v. [tr.] assess the value or quality of: she stealthiliy appraised him in a pocket mirror | [intr.] the interviewer's job is to appraise and evaluate. ∎  (of an official or expert) set a price on; value: they appraised the painting at $200,000. DERIVATIVES: ap·prais·er n. ap·prais·ing·ly adv.

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appraiseablaze, amaze, appraise, baize, Blaise, blaze, braise, broderie anglaise, chaise, craze, daze, écossaise, erase, faze, gaze, glaze, graze, Hayes, Hays, haze, laze, liaise, lyonnaise, maize, malaise, Marseillaise, mayonnaise, Mays, maze, phase, phrase, polonaise, praise, prase, raise, raze, upraise •nowadays • polyphase • multiphase •stargaze • amylase • periclase •underglaze • manes • lipase •catchphrase •conquistadores, mores, señores •polymerase • paraphrase •chrysoprase • lactase • equites •Gervaise • endways • edgeways •eques • breadthways • lengthways •leastways • widthways • anyways •sideways • longways • crossways •always

views updated

appraise XV. alt., by assim. to PRAISE, of arch. apprize, †apprise — OF. aprisier, f. a- AD- + pris PRICE.
Hence appraisal XIX, appraisement XVII.

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