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ap·ply / əˈplī/ • v. (-plies, -plied) 1. [intr.] make a formal application or request: you need to apply to the local authorities for a grant. ∎  put oneself forward formally as a candidate for a job: she had applied for a number of positions. 2. [intr.] be applicable or relevant: normal rules apply. 3. [tr.] put or spread (something) on a surface: the sealer can be applied to new wood. ∎  administer: smooth over with a cloth, applying even pressure. 4. (apply oneself) give one's full attention to a task; work hard. 5. [tr.] bring or put into operation or practical use: the oil industry has failed to apply appropriate standards of care.

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applyally, Altai, apply, assai, awry, ay, aye, Baha'i, belie, bi, Bligh, buy, by, bye, bye-bye, chi, Chiangmai, Ciskei, comply, cry, Cy, Dai, defy, deny, Di, die, do-or-die, dry, Dubai, dye, espy, eye, fie, fly, forbye, fry, Frye, goodbye (US goodby), guy, hereby, hi, hie, high, I, imply, I-spy, July, kai, lie, lye, Mackay, misapply, my, nearby, nigh, Nye, outfly, passer-by, phi, pi, pie, ply, pry, psi, Qinghai, rai, rely, rocaille, rye, scry, serai, shanghai, shy, sigh, sky, Skye, sky-high, sly, spin-dry, spry, spy, sty, Sukhotai, supply, Tai, Thai, thereby, thigh, thy, tie, Transkei, try, tumble-dry, underlie, Versailles, Vi, vie, whereby, why, wry, Wye, xi, Xingtai, Yantai

views updated

apply XIV. — OF. apl(o)ier :- L. applicāre, f. AP- + plicāre fold.
Hence appliance XVI.

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