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a·part / əˈpärt/ • adv. 1. (of two or more people or things) separated by a distance; at a specified distance from each other in time or space: his parents are now living apart. 2. to or on one side; at a distance from the main body: Isabel stepped away from Joanna and stood apart. ∎  used after a noun to indicate that someone or something has distinctive qualities that mark them out from other people or things: wrestlers were a breed apart. ∎  used after a noun to indicate that someone or something has been dealt with sufficiently or is being excluded from what follows: Alaska apart, much of America's energy business concentrates on producing gas. 3. so as to be shattered; into pieces: he leapt out of the car just before it was blown apart. PHRASES: apart from 1. except for: the whole world seemed to be sleeping, apart from Barbara. 2. in addition to; as well as: quite apart from all the work, he had such financial problems. tell apart distinguish or separate one from another: the twins were so identical that it was impossible to tell them apart.DERIVATIVES: a·part·ness n.

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apartapart, apparat, art, baht, Bart, Barthes, cart, carte, chart, clart, dart, Eilat, fart, ghat, Gujarat, Gujrat, hart, Harte, heart, heart-to-heart, impart, Jat, kart, kyat, Maat, Mansart, mart, outsmart, part, quarte, salat, savate, Scart, smart, start, tart, zakat •Hobart • wallchart • flow chart •Bogart • Stuttgart • Earhart •greenheart • sweetheart • Leichhardt •Reinhardt • Bernhardt • handcart •Descartes • dogcart • go-kart •pushcart • dustcart • rampart •forepart • underpart • Bonaparte •counterpart • Bundesrat • Robsart •Mozart • Hallstatt • kick-start •push-start • upstart

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apart XIV. — (O)F. à part, i.e. à AD-, PART.

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