Apartment Complex

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Apartment Complex ★★½ 1998 (R)

An assortment of Hollywood weirdos occupy Dr. Caligari's Wonder View Apartments where psych grad student Stan Warden (Lowe) has just taken a job as the building manager. There's a hot-to-trot psychic, a paranoid exgovernment agent, and a recluse, among others and then Stan discovers the body of the previous super. Strange things begin happening (including the appearance of a giant snake), even as hapless Stan becomes the prime suspect and potential victim. Creepy and comic. 99m/C VHS . Chad Lowe, Fay Masterson, Obba Babatunde, Patrick Warburton, Ron Canada, Amanda Plummer, Miguel (Michael) Sandoval, Jon Polito, R. Lee Ermey, Charles Martin Smith; D: Tobe Hooper; W: Karl Schaefer; C: Jacques Haitkin; M: Mark Adler. CABLE