Apartment 12

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Apartment 12 ★★½ Low Rent; Life/ Drawing 2006 (R)

Artisan Alex (Ruffalo) is stunned when a gallery curator trashes his work and pulls his show, causing his shallow bombshell of a girlfriend to lose interest. Dejected and homeless, he takes a pizza shop job and moves into more affordable digs where he meets several interesting characters, including goofy and loveable Lori (Ulrich). They start dating but Alex's cold feet mess things up, though the neighbors can't avoid one another. Solid work by leads Ruffalo and Ulrich keep this average romantic tale from getting evicted. 90m/C DVD . Mark Ruffalo, Alan Gelfant, Manuel Cabral, Beth Ulrich, Mary Coleston; D: Dan Bootzin; W: Dan Bootzin, Elizabeth Rivera Bootzin. VIDEO