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pat·i·na / pəˈtēnə/ • n. a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period. ∎  a gloss or sheen on wooden furniture produced by age and polishing. ∎  an acquired change in the appearance of a surface: plankton added a golden patina to the shallow, slowly moving water. ∎ fig. an impression or appearance of something: he carries the patina of old money and good breeding. DERIVATIVES: pat·i·nat·ed / ˈpatnˌātid/ adj. pat·i·na·tion / ˌpatnˈāshən/ n.

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patinabeginner, Berliner, Corinna, dinner, grinner, inner, Jinnah, sinner, skinner, spinner, thinner, winner •echidna •Krishna, Mishnah, Ramakrishna •vintner • prisoner • Pilsner •Kitchener • Modena • bargainer •imaginer •Elinor, Helena •milliner •examiner, stamina •epiphenomena, phenomena, prolegomena •alumina, noumena, numina •determiner •mariner, submariner •foreigner • larcener • Porsena •patina • retina • Pristina •Herzegovina • breadwinner •prizewinner •angina, assigner, china, consignor, decliner, definer, Dinah, diner, diviner, forty-niner, hardliner, incliner, Indo-China, liner, maligner, Medina, miner, minor, mynah, recliner, refiner, Regina, Salina, Shekinah, shiner, signer, South Carolina, Steiner, twiner, vagina, whiner •headliner • jetliner • airliner •mainliner • eyeliner • moonshiner •Landsteiner • Niersteiner •Liechtensteiner

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patina film produced by alteration of the surface of bronze, marble, etc. XVIII. — It. — L. patina dish; see PATEN.

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