Patiño, José de (1666–1736)

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Patiño, José de (1666–1736)

José de Patiño, (b. 1666/70; d. 3 November 1736), secretary of state for the Indies, navy, and treasury (1726–1736) during the reign of Philip V of Spain. Patiño's goal was to restore Spain's power in Europe by strengthening American trade through a strong navy and a fiscal policy designed to stimulate exports. He entered higher administration as intendant of Extremadura (1711) and then Catalonia (1713), where he applied the Nueva Planta (a wholesale reorganization of Castilian Spain in order to bring power to the crown of Aragon; 1716) and introduced the catastro (a property and income tax). In 1717 he became intendant general of the navy, the superintendant of Seville, and president of the House of Trade, newly located in Cádiz.

A master of bureaucratic compromise who was able to balance the demands of the crown and the needs of the state, Patiño combined expert knowledge of the Indies with administrative talent and proved that careers would be open to talent under the new Bourbon regime. In foreign policy, he took into account the interests of his Italian patron, the queen, Isabella Farnese of Parma, and tried to keep peace with Britain while building up the Spanish navy. In colonial affairs his goal was simply to increase Spain's profits in America and reduce the drain of revenues by British interlopers and American Spaniards.

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Patiño, José de (1666–1736)

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