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1. Plain, continuous projecting surface under the base-moulding of a wall, pedestal, or podium quadra, connecting the architectural member with the ground or floor.

2. In the Classical Orders, the low plain block under the base-mouldings of a column, pedestal, or pilaster.

3. Any monumental support for a statue, etc.

4. Basecourse of a wall supporting an off-set, as when a wall diminishes in thickness.

5. Eaves-course.

6. Abacus (plinthus) of the Greek Doric Order.

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plinth / plin[unvoicedth]/ • n. a heavy base supporting a statue or vase. ∎ Archit. the lower square slab at the base of a column.

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plinth •amaranth •nth, tenth •eighteenth, fifteenth, fourteenth, nineteenth, seventeenth, sixteenth, thirteenth, umpteenth •plinth, synth •Corinth • labyrinth • jacinth •absinthe • hyacinth • ninth •crème de menthe • month •twelvemonth •billionth, millionth, trillionth, zillionth •eleventh, seventh •thousandth • dozenth

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plinth XVII. — F. plinthe or L. plinthus — Gr. plinthos tile, brick, stone squared for building.