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eaves OE. efes, corr. to OFris. ōse, MLG. ōvese, MDu. ō(ve)se, OHG. obasa, -isa, MHG. ob(e)se (G. dial. obsen) eaves, porch, ON. ups, Goth. ubizwa portico :- Gmc. *obaswō, *obiswō, prob. f. *ob- of OVER. The final s is treated as a pl. ending and the word takes pl. concord.
Hence eavesdropper one who listens under walls to hear gossip, secret listener, XV. prob. — ON. upsardropi, corr. to OE. yfæsdrypæ; see DRIP, DROP. Hence by back-formation eavesdrop vb. XVII.

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eaves •haves •calves, scarves •headscarves • mooncalves • Graves •beeves, eaves, Greaves, Jeeves, leaves, Reeves, thieves •tea leaves • fig leaves • flyleaves •Hargreaves • lives •Ives, knives, wives •jackknives • penknives • paperknives •spaewives • alewives • midwives •fishwives • housewives • goodwives •corves, dwarves, wharves •Groves, loaves •hooves • turves •elves, ourselves, selves, shelves, theirselves, themselves, yourselves •mantelshelves • bookshelves •wolves • aardwolves • werewolves

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eaves / ēvz/ • pl. n. the part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building.

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eaves. Lowest part of a pitched roof projecting beyond the naked of the wall below.

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