Eban and Charley

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Eban and Charley ★½ 2001

Draggy romance about a couple of misfits—one of whom is underage. 29-year-old Eban (Fellows) returns to his parents' home in a coastal Oregon community after leaving his job as a soccer coach. He's hanging around town when he meets the 15-year-old Charley (Andrade), who's been sent to live with his resentful divorced father after Charley's mother dies. Eventually, the relationship becomes physical (there are no depictions of sex) and they're headed for trouble. 88m/C VHS, DVD . Brent Fellows, Giovanni Andrade, Nolan V. Chard, Ron Upton, Pam Munter; D: James Bolton; W: James Bolton; C: Judy Irola; M: Stephin Merritt.